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About Me

Rachel Muscat was born on the 10th March 1987, in the beautiful mystical island of Malta. Since she was very little she was interested in art and used to play a lot with watercolors and paint. Her ability continued to flourish as she grew up, drawing and capturing every little thing that could inspire her. The beauty of nature and the subtle expressions in people’s faces intrigue her a lot and she always tries to capture that little magical moment in life that’s worth all the gloomy days we experience.


This interest in art especially photography amplified in 2004 when Rachel went to MCAST – Art and Design, where she learned a lot of techniques. Her creativity blossomed and she became more meticulous in her work. Rachel believes in the old saying that says that every moment captured on film is worth a thousand words. The spontaneous, natural and instinctive expressions and actions of the people around her are the most inspiring for her. Be it happiness, nostalgy or malincony, Rachel tries to capture all the emotions that are part of our lives and that help us understand our deepest feelings.

The innocence in a child’s eyes, the broken heart of a teenager, the thoughts and problems in an adult’s mind and the long lost nostalgic moments of the elderly are the little things in everyday life that make her pictures real.

The simplicity of nature is another fact that inspires Rachel. The frailty of the flowers, the loneliness in some animals’ eyes, the sense of adventure and exploration of insects, the boundlessness of trees and the breathtaking beauty of the sun are amongst her best shots. From her pictures, you could almost listen to the sound of the waves, feel the warmth of the sun, touch the velvety petals of the flowers, or just sit still and appreciate nature’s true colors. In doing so, she always tries to find new, original and creative ways to give that normal picture an A-list twist and so her pictures are never a rubber stamp.

Her photography brings smiles on people’s faces, empathy in certain situations captured, serenity to troubled minds and hope in dull times. Rachel’s photography helps us to appreciate the simplicity of the nature that surrounds us and we often take for granted and remember that it’s the little things in life that make everyday extraordinary.

Written By Joanne Trevisan

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