Let’s talk about Pre-Wedding Photoshoots, Location and Outfits

May 2, 2020

In this article, we will be focusing on pre-wedding photo shoots, their location & the outfits that the soon-to-be-married couple could wear to these photo sessions. These are three factors that can work together in order to produce the most beautiful photo album that celebrates your love to one another. Ultimately, a pre-wedding session will be able to give you a series of romantic photos from which one can be placed on an easel at the entrance of your wedding venue and later hanged on wall in your home.

The Photoshoot

A pre-wedding photo session provides an amazing opportunity for both couple & photographer to get to know each other better prior to the wedding day. It will establish a level of comfort & will help ease communication between both parties. This could be beneficial to the couple to get to know their photographer’s techniques prior to their wedding day. A typical pre-wedding photo session would normally last about an hour and a half, however this can take more time according to the requirements of each couple.

As a photographer, I sometimes encounter couples who feel less than comfortable in front of the camera. One might feel intimidated or even a bit tense that his/her pictures are being taken. For this, I suggest that the couple would forget about the photographer during the photo shoot and focus solely on each other. It would be as if they are in their own bubble. If necessary, I would assist the couple with ideas on how to pose for the camera, so that there would be a more natural feel to the shots. However, as the shoot goes by, I often notice that couples end up feeling more relaxed during their photo session, and the shoot becomes even more enjoyable to them. I can assure you that any nerves the couple would have at the start of these sessions, would be long gone by the end of them.

When posing for the camera, the couple is often encouraged to stay close to each other, to look into each other’s eyes, and maybe share a kiss during the shoot. They can smile, laugh, whisper in each other’s ears and feel relaxed in each other’s company. They can also discuss their favourite hobbies, reminisce on those unforgettable holidays, or talk about other topics that make them happy.

I have even met couples who suggested bringing along their furry friends or pets for the shoot. These are very welcome as they can complement the happiness and warmth that the photos can portray. I would advise the couples to bring a friend or family member to the session in order to assist with taking care of the pets whilst they are out of shot.


A pre-wedding shoot is very often taken at a different venue than the one chosen for your wedding day. As a photographer, I believe that the couple should choose the location for this shoot. This may be because their chosen location might have a familiar environment that can help them feel more comfortable and at ease. The location might also be a place where they had shared their first kiss, or where they had their first date. It might be a place where they usually like to go to together.

In case, there would be no preference for location, I would of course be able to suggest beautiful landscapes & places where we could go for the photoshoot. We can opt to go to a sandy beach or in the breathtaking countryside; a cafe could also be a great idea. Otherwise, we can choose to walk around town and take shots at cute & romantic spots. The options are endless.

What to wear?

Prior to the pre-wedding photo session, I am often asked by couples what outfits I would recommend that they wear for their photoshoot. Of course, my first suggestion is that the couple would wear outfits that they feel comfortable in. This is very important since it will help with the posture of each individual & the poses that the couple would make in front of the camera. Uncomfortable clothing would result in stiff poses in front of the camera & this would not bring a natural feel to the shot.

Pre-wedding photo shoots should be romantic, relaxed & fun. A photo shoot with your fiancé would be like a romantic date, away from formalities with the person you are soon going to marry. That is why more smart casual clothing would be preferred for such event, other than formal wear.  Moreover, for the benefit of having diversity in shots, the photographer might ask the couple to sit or stand in certain areas of the location. The groom might be asked to lift the bride, or the couple might be asked to sit on the grass. Therefore, tight & formal clothing may prove to be difficult in order to get into these poses.

Another suggestion I would give in terms of choosing outfits would be to wear weather-appropriate clothes. It is important to check the weather forecast, the day before the photoshoot. This would be able to give you an indication of the items of clothing you could wear on the day.

For an autumn/winter photo shoot, warmer clothing is advisable if we take the shoot outdoors. One reason would be that if the couple is feeling cold, this would be easily caught & noticed in the shots being taken. Layering clothes would be ideal for the couple as this would allow them to add or remove items of clothing to help them feel more comfortable. For example, a jacket or a coat could be easily be taken off for some shots & worn again for others. Men’s jumpers can also be brought along for the shoot. These can be worn over shirts in case it gets cold. Nice, colourful scarves, big winter hats & warm gloves are other possible accessories that the couple can add to certain shots of the photo session. Other than providing warmth, these can also play as an interesting feature to each shot.

Furthermore, in the case of summer shoots, I would advise cute summer dresses for the ladies, particularly if the shoot will be taken near the beach. In the meantime, nice shirts & jeans can be great items of clothing for men to wear.

When choosing colour in clothing, I would suggest that the couple wears complementing colours instead of exact matching outfits. This is because exact matching colours may create an unnecessary feeling of uniformity in photos; which would not be the feeling that one would wish to convey in their photo album. Couple’s outfits should ideally complement each other to create an emotion of harmony & balance.

Seasons can play a great part in choosing colour. During the autumn/winter months, jewel-toned colours in clothing tend to stand out better in photos. Such examples for jewel-toned colours would be crimson red, sapphire blue, emerald green, deep purple, and so on. Meanwhile, during summertime, photoshoots tend to favour pastel colours. These bring out the feeling of lightness and airiness to photos. One can wear cream, white, peach, eggshell blue colours amongst many more.

Further to the above, I must advise that wearing black is generally not recommended. Black can remove the natural colour of the skin in photos and would reduce the liveliness & feelings of happiness that we would like to show in our shots.

I believe it is important to say that although the above array of colours can be matched with their respective season, the couple is still free to wear any colour they feel comfortable in. If the couple is comfortable, happy & relaxed, the shots will also turn out great.

On this final note, we can now understand the importance of pre-wedding photoshoots prior to the special day. We have also discussed how location is chosen for these shoots and how important it is that the couple feels relaxed where their shoot is being taken. The choice of outfits is also another topic that we touched on. Colour is an important factor to the emotion & tone of each shot. Such points of reference are essential to consider before going to the shoot. They go hand-in-hand to produce the most beautiful & memorable photos that will portray & cherish your love.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article and found it useful for your wedding journey Please do feel welcome to contact me if you require any assistance or would like to book your special pre-wedding photoshoot.

These below are some couple’s photos 🙂

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